“They are AWESOME. I go to the Winter Park location and I am literally obsessed with how kid-friendly they are and how I was so scared of taking my kids to the dentist for the first time (toddlers that will scream their lungs over things they don’t like). LOL! And now they ask me to go to the dentist, and this place is super-clean and the staff are always happy. I love one of the assistants; her name is Katy and she went above and beyond, explaining to my daughter what she was going to do in kid-friendly terms so she wouldn’t be scared, and the actual dentist is also awesome in explaining to myself what was going to happen. Love love LOVE them!!” 

— Mariie H.O.


“I really liked it here. My son is two, and it was his first visit. The visit was a little quick, but I appreciated being able to get in and out, especially since my child was not happy. And honestly, how much can you do with a two-year-old? The doctor was awesome, and the staff was very kind to my screaming child. I thought they were great, and we will definitely be going back for his follow-up in six months.” 

— Amelia R.


“This is the first dental office I have taken my two children and they both love it! I was concerned at first, because both my kids struggle with SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) and one has autism and the other has ADHD, but during each visit, the dental assistants and doctors communicated with me as well as the children — walking them through all the steps of their visits. To see the employees go out of their way to ensure my children feel safe and understand what is going on is a big deal to me, and I’ve even brought my younger brother and nephew to this office! I would highly recommend this company!” 

— Krystal P.